Vintage Wood Flooring

Vintage wood floors, Antique wood floors, or reclaimed wood flooring, are made of salvaged timbers from historic buildings in strategic parts of the country. Fashioned from the beams, paneling and floorboards of barns, warehouses and other structures, antique wood floors have a timeless and age-worn look and instantly fill any space with a sense of history and connection to the past. When you walk on antique wood floors, you can almost feel the spirit of the early settlers and developers who harvested and cut these planks by hand.

Reclaimed Wood Floors is London leading purveyor of antique wood floors delivering antique wood floors of unmatched quality and beauty.

Distressed wood flooring is for those wanting to create an extremely rustic old world feel. With large knots and blemishes as well as splits left unfilled it is easy to see why many people put distressed wood flooring in old houses. Distressed wood is a cost effective way of having worn looking wood in your home. Other alternatives such as reclaimed wood flooring are much more expensive mainly due to the man hours needed to uplift the flooring without damaging it, sorting it then fitting it again. With many homes now being fitted with under floor heating old solid reclaimed flooring is not suitable so Distressed Engineered Oak Flooring is becoming more widely used.

Distressed Engineered Flooring is made up of a top layer of highly rustic hardwood attached to a base of many tightly compacted layers of plywood to help strengthen the wood and give it excellent stability.

In years gone by if you wanted an old looking wood floor there would be no alternative but to both find some second hand reclaimed flooring and have it fitted at great expense, or to have a professional sculpt and hand distress new wood flooring. Both of these are extremely expensive and time consuming. With more and more different finishes and shades of distressed flooring coming on the market all the time it has made it a whole lot easier to find your perfect distressed engineered wood flooring and have it fitted relatively cheaply.