Wood Wall Cladding

Virtually all Reclaimed wood flooring boards are suitable for use as wood wall cladding and wood ceilings. Timber cladding has an inbuilt flexibility that provides natural advantages on sites

Wood Clad walls can add simplicity to any space in any room, add character and warmive to the living room or separate two different areas in the dining room.

Interior designers and homeowners are increasingly bringing once used materials into homes, offices and commercial spaces giving them a new lease of life. This trend lies in the current drive towards recycling and sustainable living, this aesthetic is less about perfection and more about provenance.

The natural appeal, versatility and strength of timber makes it the superior choice for external or internal wall cladding. Through specification, design planning, design and finishing processes, wood wall cladding not only creates an area of strength, it is acoustic and has thermal performance while also creating a place of beauty, style and natural allure. It delivers a feeling of warmth to any space adding a new dimension that the eye can immediately relate to. Eco-conscious designers and wood artisans have been experimenting with our reclaimed timbers for a while to connect the space with nature.

The reclaimed wood should be used as a main feature point, enhancing by contrasting textures and colours, widths and thicknesses. Modern finishes give a long lasting and attractive appearance to timber cladding and can be used to change the colour and style of the building, making it a versatile material that will keep pace with changing tastes and fashions.

Re-used timber is hard wearing and improves with age. Combining reclaimed timber from different sources, factories, schools, barns, etc. once pieced together creates striking walls and ceilings. The use of multiple tree species in a range of sizes and shapes can produce a unique patchwork effect. All wall cladding can be fitted vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in a bespoke pattern.

Salvaged from the last of Thatcher’s oak cider barrels, this exquisite English oak has stunning markings, scars and colouring from life as a cider vat. We advise skim plaining for flooring purposes to reduce the contours and undulations from original milling, this will reveal a multitude of colours deep within the wood. A truly original floor permanently linked to its heritage.

Handcrafted patterned cladding is witnessing a real resurgence and remain very popular. They can add a new dimension to an otherwise plain square space. These bespoke products can be designed for each individual’s requirements using any of our hardwoods or softwoods. We supply this timber partially prepared or fully prepared, with rolled edges also an option.

Chevrons patterns are achieved by cutting short edges of equal size wood pieces at a precise angle. Placing these angles together point to point creates a continuous zigzag pattern. Herringbone pieces are also equal size wood pieces but kept straight edged on short side making them perfect rectangles. These rectangles are placed short side to one end of the long side and then repeated. Visually this pattern looks like a zigzag but is more complex in design. Placement along the longest visual point in the room typically creates a centred long zigzag, elongating the room.

These designs will require a specialist fitter, which we can recommend, as the patterns require total accuracy in the crown lines when fitting this will prevent patterns lines during fitting. A truly striking pattern skilfully crafted where the only boundary is your imagination